Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Monica M. Brinkman. She is an author extraordinaire and radio host amongst other things. Here you'll read as  she shares insightful views from her book and about life that I feel is inspiring and true. Please help me give a warm welcome to Monica!

Tell us about yourself, where you from are and what else you do.
Originally, from the East Coast, I moved to the California Bay Area for 30 years and now settled in the Midwest, St. Louis MO area. 

My life has been full of excitement and adventure, from acting, singing telegrams, painting in oil and acrylic, poetry writing, management and now taking the plunge, writing novels, articles and short stories.

I also host a weekly internet live talk radio show called, It Matters, which airs every Thursday evening at 9PM EST and write two columns for the Authorsinfo Readers and Writers site.

In addition, I am involved in animal rights, human rights and environmental activism, many times using my articles and short stories to open people’s eyes and minds so they can make informed decisions in life.

Married for 29 years to Richard Brinkman, we opened our hearts and home to five cats and two dogs who have become member of our family.

What is the title of your novel and tell us in three sentences or less what it is about.
The Turn of the Karmic Wheel is the first stand-alone novel of a two part Karmic Wheel series. Okay, short synopsis:

Enter into the small college town of Raleigh, MO, where Universal Law (Karma) has prevailed. Decisions, acts, deeds, life choices of the prominent, rich and the working-class spiritual citizens revealed for all to see. Judgment day has arrived.

Tell us about one or two of your characters.
Angela Frank, psychologist, wife, mother of young twin girls, has suppressed and denied her psychic abilities for years. When they resurface, she finds herself unable to hide from the music, visions and messages growing with intensity. 

Joshua Allen, tall, extremely handsome, vain, vulgar and self-absorbed works within the financial industry, using his resources for profit and personal gain at the cost of his clients’investments. He mocks the poor, the starving, and the needy until he finds himself helpless, friendless, and agonizing over the acts, deeds and choices he has made in life.
What message are you trying tell your readers in your novel?
My main message is for people to take responsibility for the choices they have made in their own lives. Life is not always as it seems and each act or deed we perform has a domino effect upon not only our lives but the lives of many others.

I also wished to give the readers who have given so much to the world, validation  and assurance that their actions hold great purpose and meaning. For they are the  people who give us hope, belief and faith in mankind.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
First, believe in yourself and be true to your own style of writing. It makes you unique and is really the only way you can be creative. If you try to copy someone else or write of what you feel little passion, it will show. Be true to yourself.

Secondly, and this is by far on the top list of guidance, show gratitude and thanks to those who will assist you in both writing and promotional endeavors. If you reciprocate and give back to those who help you, many long-term relationships and friendship will ensue. Take the time to share others work, services, and ventures as they have shared yours. This important act of professionalism, common courtesy and gratitude will bring you many unexpected opportunities and surprises.

Name some of your favorite books or authors.
With so many, this is a difficult question but here is my top list.

1. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens – the richness of his
words and ability to get such important messages to the readers while
captivating us with his characters and story lines, ceases to amaze

2. The Stand by Stephen King – one of my all time favorites, shows humanity at its worst and at its best. I’ve probably read this novel ten times, gaining more from it each reading.

3. What Is Normal by Ginny Scales-Medeiros – No one will ever feel sorry for their lot in life after reading this fact-based fiction novel. What this woman has endured, and overcome, in her life is truly amazing. Yet she never feels pity for herself, instead brings inspiration, understanding and encouragement to those who face discouraging circumstances in their own lives.

4. Flashing My Shorts, 200 Shorts by Salvatore Buttaci are two examples of entertaining, short stories of life. So diversified are his characters and tales, everyone will go the full gauntlet of emotions as he takes you into the human factor.

5.  I can’t help but mention The Healings by Oana – who else has the creativity and courage to make one of the two main characters a cat or the other nameless? And it works. Quite an accomplishment in my eyes. Then there is Kenneth Weene who weaves psychological novels such as Memoirs From the Asylum or takes us into the empty life of the widowed Mary in Widows Walk. 

Tell us about your other published stories or novels?  Or perhaps, do you have something else in the works that you’d like to share.
Thank you for asking this question. I am presently editing the sequel in my two part Karmic Wheel series called The Wheels Final Turn. It takes us to Sacramento, CA and will bring finality to the characters mission. Politics, animal abuse, greed and bigotry are explored, revealed and scrutinized. The future of mankind will be altered by the characters choices and actions. 
I also contributed to a book by Stacy Juba, 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back. This is a wonderful memoir of experiences and stories as the authors look at what they were doing, writing or experiencing 25 Years Ago. It is in the vein of Chicken Soup for the Soul and I am so proud to be part of this fine group of writers.

Share with us the sites that we can stalk you on?
Radio Show – It Matters 
A Touch of Karma-Website
A Touch of Karma-Weekly Column

Join our 25 Years In the Rearview Mirror Group on Yahoo

Thank you Monica for joining us!



08/24/2012 10:45pm

Lisa...This is a very in depth and interesting interview. Monica is indeed an extraordinaire author and human being. She is kind and caring and very helpful to other writers.

08/25/2012 1:29am

Anna, Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my interview. And what lovely words of praise. You make a lady blush. You are the best.

Lisa Goldman
08/26/2012 8:51pm

Anna...I totally agree. Monica has a sense of honesty in her answers. Her kind heartedness shines through and I have no doubt she lives her life by her wise advice.

08/28/2012 11:35pm

Lisa, how nice of you to stop by and what nice comments. I try my best to be positive and assist others, but I get so much in return - many beautiful, wonderful friends. Thank you for stopping by.

08/28/2012 11:34pm

Anna, what kind words. I have to tell you how much I appreciate your constant support, especially with the radio show. I look forward to seeing your name pop up in the chat room. One day, I'll get to have you on the show. Right?

08/26/2012 8:59am

Being a huge fan of Monica Brinkman, I read everything she gets published because I know I will be immensely entertained. I highly recommend The Turn of the Karmic Wheel.

08/28/2012 11:39pm

Thank you for the recommendation. From you that is quite an honor. I adore your books and writings. I am definitely a Sal Buttaci fan. LOL

08/26/2012 12:30pm

So nice to meet one of the other authors in the 25 Years in the Rearview collection. I have made so many new writer friends by being a part of that project. I'm so glad I answered Stacy Juba's call to contribute.

Monica, I love the cover of your book. I'm guessing you did the artwork? What a many-talented woman you are.

08/28/2012 11:37pm

Maryann, Isn't it a wonderful book, our 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror. I am honored to be part of such a diverse and highly esteemed group of authors.
Thank you for commenting on the book cover. Seems people love it or hate it. I am partial to it, LOL. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the interview. I do appreciate it

08/26/2012 9:12pm

What a wonderful interview! I am eager to read your books, Monica. You are a woman of many talents! I'm glad to have discovered your site, Lisa.

08/28/2012 11:41pm

Isn't this a great site Stacy? Lisa is wonderful. I am glad you enjoyed the interview. By the way, this is Stacy Juba, whom without, we would not have the 25 Year in the Rearview Mirror 52 Authors Look Back. I thank you Stacy for all you do. You are a true inspiration to all of we authors.

Glenn Willis Ed.D
08/28/2012 1:34pm

Monica, where can I buy your book and can I have it autographed? That was a nice interview.

08/28/2012 11:32pm

Hi Glenn. It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and if you go to my blog or web-sites, it is there also.
I'd be happy to autograph one for you and send it your way. Just let me know. Glenn. So nice to hear from you.


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